Multiple Surface Cleaners


EnvirOx® Mineral Shock RTU - Qt.

Unique combination of organic salt & safe degreasing agents melts away hard water scale, soap scum, lime, rust, mold and mildew stains, and salts. Powered by GNx2 Technology. Non-corrosive to skin, biodegradable and non-fuming.

Alternate #138-12Q
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EnvirOx® Mineral Shock® Mineral/Bowl Cleaner - Gal.

A powerful, reduce toxicity alternative to acid-based cleaners. Works better than phosphoric acid! Powered with GNx2™ Technology. Only plant derived renewable resource ingredients. No petroleum based ingredients. For manual dilution, Eco-Blend. 4 per case.

Alternate #141-04B
Retail Price:$54.23/GAL

KaiVac® KaiBlooey Shower/Restroom Cleaner - Gal.

Blows away all other restroom cleaners. Low foaming and contains a blend of fast-acting mild acids to de-scale mineral deposits & remove soap scum.

Alternate #KAIBLOOEY
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NCL® Bathroom Plus Non-Acid Disinfectant Cleaner

Kills HIV (associated with AIDS) and HBV. When used as directed, it will deodorize surfaces in toilet areas, behind and under sinks and counters, garbage cans and garbage storage areas, and other places where bacteria growth can cause malodors. Exceptional Astra™ fragrance provides long lasting odor control. A "one-step" disinfectant, cleaner, fungicide, mildewstat, virucide which is effective in the presence of 5% serum.

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SSS® Cleanworks #14 Tough Duty Bathroom Cleaner - 1.25 Gal

Specially formulated to remove the toughest soap scum, hard water deposits and built-up grime without abrasives. No phosphates. Citrus floral fragrance. Neutral pH: 2.2. Yield per 1.25 Gal: 65 quarts. Dilution 1:13.

Alternate #13914
Retail Price:$122.06/EA

SSS® Cleanworks #27 Fresh Start Washroom Tub & Tile

A safe, versatile, environmentally preferable product without sacrificing cleaning performance. A concentrated washroom cleaner. Neutral pH: 7.0. Yield per 1.25 Gal: 640 quarts. Dilution 1:128.

Alternate #13927
Retail Price:$96.16/EA

SSS® Cleanworks #5 Non-Acid Bath & Bowl Cleaner - 1.25 Gal

Deodorizing formula quickly cleans toilet bowls and urinals without harmful acids. Freshens restrooms for hours. Won't harm fixtures or pipes. Cleans quickly and thoroughly. No phosphates. Floral fragrance. Neutral pH: 6.3. Yield per 1.25 Gal: 115 quarts. Dilution 1:23.

Alternate #13905
Retail Price:$162.86/EA

SSS® Green Wave RTU Organic Acid Restroom Cleaner

Heavy-duty organic cleaner formulated with a rainy clean fragrance. Cleans away soap scum, hard water deposits, rust stains, body oils, fats and dirt. Ready-to-use. EcoLogo® Certified, EarthCare® Certified.

Alternate #48063
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SSS® Navigator #14 Tough Duty Bathroom Cleaner - 2 L

Cuts through built up soap scum, greasy dirt and hard water deposits. RTU yields per case: High-Flow, 48 gal.; Low-Flow, 56 qts.

Alternate #13164
Retail Price:$98.10/CS

SSS® Navigator #5 Non Acid Bath & Bowl Cleaner - 2 L

Cleans and deodorizes toilets, urinals and other hard, nonporous surfaces. Non-abrasive, no harsh acids or alkalis. RTU yields per case: High-Flow, 31 gal.; Low-Flow, 96 qts.

Alternate #13156
Retail Price:$131.81/CS

SSS® P.S.T. Plus Concentrate - Gal.

Quickly removes hard water deposits, soap scum, & rust from tubs, sinks, toilets, tile, shower doors, & chrome plated fixtures with no pitting or discoloration. Concentrated porcelain, shower and tile cleaner. Dilutes 3 oz. per gallon (1:40).

Alternate #13095
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SSS® Shower Max Restroom Cleaner

Removes soap scum and hard water deposits fast. Formulated to cling to vertical surfaces to provide needed dwell time to tackle your shower room cleaning needs. It quickly removes water solids, soap scum and rust from tubs, sinks, tile, shower doors and chrome plated fixtures with no harm.

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