Auto Hygiene Equipment


Saddle for AutoClean® Dispenser Systems

Easy connect saddle connection kits and tube for AutoClean® dispenser systems. Places stainless steel tube behind valve for a neat clean, durable installation. Drill-thru chrome saddle for quick and easy installation.

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SSS® AutoFlush with Manual Flush

Helps prevent cross-contamination, eliminates unflushed toilets. Fits Sloan & Zurn flush valves with courtesy flush button. Saddle connector must be ordered separate. Easy installation. Also available as separate components.

Alternate #74180
Retail Price:$322.00/EA

SSS® AutoFlush® Clamp w/Manual Flush For Toilet

The SSS Merlin Flush Clamp quickly turns virtually any toilet into a "touch-free" operation in minutes! Chrome.

Alternate #74291E
Retail Price:$289.80/EA

SSS® AutoFlush® For Tank Toilet - Chrome

Ensuring urinals and toilets are always flushed, clean, odor-free and presentable. Installs simply to the tank plumbing mechanism. Flexible installation fits most tank designs. Tank handle remains operable for courtesy flushing.

Alternate #74284
Retail Price:$276.00/EA

SSS® HygieneMaster Refill

HygieneMaster refill cleaner/deodorizer.

Alternate #74138
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SSS® Merlin AutoHygiene System

AutoFlush for urinals and toilets, AutoHygiene for urinals and toilets, and HygieneMaster available.

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SSS® Merlin CareMaster System

CareMaster System is an automatic cleaning system for tank style toilets. Refills provide 24-hour service and are easily changed.

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