Chemical Dispenser & Equipment


EnvirOx® Bucket Buddy 118 - For Concentrate 118

Manual dilution of Concentrate 118 is fast and accurate with the Bucket Buddy™. Holds up to 32 ounces of product (enough for 10 mop buckets). Use and dilution guide is silk-screened onto the bottle. Sturdy handle to hang on a mop bucket or cleaning cart.

Alternate #8-272-118
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NCL® Twin Power Modular Dispensing Unit

Comes complete with 6' connecting hose, mounting hardware, Earth Sense wall chart and MSDS booklet.

Alternate #4110
Retail Price:$169.79/EA

SSS® Cleanworks Junior Wall Mount Dispenser

3 unit dispenser.

Alternate #13896
Retail Price:$469.07/EA

SSS® Cleanworks Pee Wee Wall Mount Dispenser

Alternate #13900
Retail Price:$232.99/EA

SSS® Navigator Dispensers

Easy installation, connect the hose to the water supply. Easy push button operation. Dilution accuracy reduces waste. Small footprint takes up less space. Hose for connecting additional Navigator dispensers together. Connection hose and cover. Available in high and low flow.

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